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Plot 2, Bishop Campling Road, First Floor, Suite 1D - Hamis Kintu House (adjacent to Shaka Zulu Restaurant, Bulogobi)

Mission, Vision & Values


“NACOBA strives towards a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting alumni and Namilyango College stakeholders with each other; leveraging resources and strengths of the alumni network to effect positive change in society.”


“United alumni, promoting the standards and upholding the great legacy of Namilyango College”.


Central to all our values is the strong religious foundation that Namilyango College offered us. The College motto Nisi Dominus (“Without God, all is in vain”) remains a strong motivation for us in our every day life and the life of the association.
Integrity, honesty and ethical behavior – we seek consistence and transparency in our actions, fulfilling our commitments and delivering what we commit to.
Sharing – we believe in the “In Namilyango We Share” mantra.
Excellence – we aim to deliver the highest quality in everything we do and continuously seek ways to improve the status quo.
Enjoying participation – we encourage active and enthusiastic participation from all our members in everything we do.
Diversity – we celebrate diversity and seek to learn and leverage differences that exist in our network as opposed to letting them divide us.
Ubuntu – we seek to show and act with humanity towards others.