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the story of the Namilyango TOSS
In 2003 when NACOBA was reactivated as the school was celebrating 100 years of existence, the story appeared in the commemoration magazine and was authored by the Late John C Ssempebwa and here is my recollection;
It was in 1955 when the students of Namilyango invited the students {read girls} of Namagunga to a social/debate at the college and they were served with milked tea and a slice of bread that was 5cm thick and smeared with butter. This was the trending thing then, to their surprise the girls refused to eat the bread and this mutiny was led by one of them who was a Princess of the Kyabazinga of Busoga!
The girls lamented that “how could they be served with a toss, that cannot fit in the mouth of a goat”. When they returned to their school it was the talk of the day and for weeks they were ridiculing the Namilyango Toss and then the word spread across the other schools which was unfortunately construed to be a scandal. The Namilyango boys were not amused and they vowed never to host the Namagunga girls again.
It later became a household poem that people should never slice bread as big as the Namilyango Toss, and this created an image that the students at Namilyango were greedy.
Compiled and Retold By:
Deo Lubega KAWULU
McKee House, 1975-1978