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Plot 2, Bishop Campling Road, First Floor, Suite 1D - Hamis Kintu House (adjacent to Shaka Zulu Restaurant, Bulogobi)

Past Awardees

The purpose of the NACOBA Awards is to recognise old students and staff, past and present, dead or alive, who have made significant achievements in society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations and careers have honoured the Namilyango College core values of: honesty and integrity, innovation, respect for human dignity, Christ-centered holistic formation, and excellence.

1. Service to Namilyango College Community.

• 2007 – Msgr. Lawrence Kanyike
• 2016 – Mr. Gerald Muguluma
• 2018 – Dr. Peregrine Kibuuka

2. Service to Country.

• 2016 – Mr. Thomas Kawere
• 2018 – Mr. Emmanuel Katongole

3. Service to Society.

• 2007 – Mr. Aloysius K. Lugoloobi
• 2016 – Dr. Livingstone Ssewanyana
• 2018 – Prof. Capt. Virginio Lachara Ongom

4. Service/Achievement in one’s calling in the Arts and Humanities.

• 2007 – Mr. Leo Kibirango
• 2016 – Prof. Austin Bukenya
• 2018 – Hon. Justice John Bosco Katutsi

5. Service/Achievement in one’s calling in the Sciences.

• 2016 – Prof. Nelson Ssewankambo
• 2018 – Dr. Amos Nyathirombo

6. NACOBA President’s Award

• 2016 – Mr. Anthony Natif
• 2018 – Dr. Francis Mangeni

Selection of nominees is done by the Nominations Committee while the old boys then vote from that list of nominees using an electronic voting system for purposes of transparency. The Committee then divides itself into sub-committees and co-opts other old boys with technical competence to carry out the process of identifying and shortlisting nominees.

A measurable evaluation criterion was developed to ensure that all names proposed/presented by these sub-committees are subjected to it. This was intended to remove personal biases.

Any name that is presented to the electorate is worthy/fit to be awarded in their respective category. The old boys however are the final decision makers rather than a small group of individuals that might or might not have the full competency or information to determine such a matter.