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Plot 2, Bishop Campling Road, First Floor, Suite 1D - Hamis Kintu House (adjacent to Shaka Zulu Restaurant, Bulogobi)


Namilyango college is our family!

Regardless of where life takes us, Namilyango College will always be a part of us, a part of our story.
At  Namilyango, we forged lasting relationships and brotherhoods, discovered our passions, created timeless memories and shared a household many of us are proud to call a home away from home, always.

Being Ngonian does not stop when you leave the college to take on the next challenge of your life. Whether you are looking for your next job, planning to build or simply looking for a way to connect back with the Namilyango community, NACOBA is here for you every step of your journey.

NACOBA strives to unite all the Old Boys of the College, instilling in them a sense of brotherhood, pride and belonging to the College. We hope you join us!

Membership & Eligibility

Membership of the Association shall comprise the following categories –
(i) Honorary members
(ii) Ordinary members


A person who has who has studied at the College is eligible to become an ordinary Member of the Association.

honorary membership

The Committee may, with the approval of the Association, confer honorary membership on any person who, in their opinion, has –

A) Rendered outstanding service to the Association or the College.

B) Contributed in a substantial way towards the achievement of any or all of the objectives of the Association.

C) Made a substantial financial or other contribution to the Association.


By joining NACOBA, you get to be a part of a special and an ever growing community! nearly 1000 + across the country and around the world! Explore more on why you should join us!

A NACOBA membership is a lifetime opportunity to get in touch with old friends and renew those broken bonds. Our chain of activities, links, initiatives and meet ups make sure you never feel left out! A fellow Old Boy is always by your side!

The Old Boys are running a number of lucrative ventures and initiatives such as the NACOBA Sacco and NACOBA Consultants that avail numerous numbers of valuable opportunities that you can always tap into! We want to grow with you!

NACOBA is a hub of activity! From events that span the whole year, to projects and drives aimed at impacting the college and groups around the country, the Association is a place to be as it adds a meaning to the life of its members!

Paid up members