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Plot 2, Bishop Campling Road, First Floor, Suite 1D - Hamis Kintu House (adjacent to Shaka Zulu Restaurant, Bulogobi)



Every year, NACOBA carries out a Career Guidance talk with the boys on a Friday preceding Namilyango Founder’s Day and a Medical camp for the surrounding community.

Career guidance session at the Administration Block

This year, we had a number of Old Boys from different professions and vocations who shared their academic and career journeys. Among them were a lawyer, a broadcaster, musician, an Intensivist, University Lecturers, Dentists, an Engineer, a Pilot, a Military General, and an ICT Expert among others. A number of Medical Graduates who came to serve at the Medical Camp as well as encourage the students in pursuit of their studies also graced us. They challenged the students to nurture their talents, read hard, engage in sports and extracurricular activities that would help them maximise their potential while in Namilyango College. The students were assembled together at the administration, all looking orderly and smart in their white shirts and grey trousers. Each class had a distinct area they sat in as they paid attention to the proceedings.

The Old boys spoke one after another, starting with the traditional introductions of their Names, years at the college, House and profession and vocation. They told stories of their time at the college, responsibilities held and achievements. They went on to address students about their career paths and talents. Among the values shared were excellence, solidarity, integrity, sportsmanship, self-awareness and management, life planning, tenacity and discipline. The morning session lasted up to lunchtime At the end of which one student from each class was given an opportunity to share one take away from the talk. They did that with eloquence and confidence as they had each carefully taken notes of during the talk. We broke for lunch and partook of the school meal in the staffroom. I must add that the experience is far from that during school time and the view is a worth a million dollars.

The afternoon sessions were tailored to the specific needs of each class as students were assembled separately. The candidate classes were challenged to formulate a strategy for passing exams, executing it diligently, and keeping the focus until the end. The candidates passed a vote of thanks to the Old Boys and called it a day. We wish them all the success in their studies.

Old Boys of various professions

The Medical camp was equally successful with Old Boys attending to members of the Namilyango community, staff and a few students. Uganda Police Force through the Police Pathologist Dr. Byaruhanga provided an ambulance as well as their Medical team led by Dr. Kakula a Dentist. For this we are very grateful. The College provided the meals and transported the Medical Interns to and fro Makerere University. Special mention to Mrs. Malunda who ably coordinated the Old Boys as well as the days program and theme.

The latest Medical graduates encouraging the students