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Plot 2, Bishop Campling Road, First Floor, Suite 1D - Hamis Kintu House (adjacent to Shaka Zulu Restaurant, Bulogobi)

12th nacoba sports gala


We held our 12th Annual Sports gala on Sunday 10th July 2022 after a delay due to COVID19 guidelines removal, what an event it was. This time, an overall winner’s trophy was introduced, for the cohort with the most accumulated points. 25 cohorts participated with the Tyrants(2010-2015) emerging as overall winners. Games included football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, Table tennis, chess, scrabble and tug of war. While football remains the most popular, tug of war raised the highest level of excitement from participants to spectators. 44 certificates, 141 medals and 23 trophies were awarded to the participants. Every participating cohort was awarded a certificate.

Champions comments

Overall Champions

The Conquering Tyrants at the NACOBA Sports Gala

For most, the Sports Gala as is foundly called is a time to rekindle old friendships, catch up and reminisce on the good old times and also network both on and off pitch. This year was no different, on the 10th of July, the old boys of the great Namilyango College gathered once again at MUBS for the 12th annual sports gala.

Having taken a 2 year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the old boys very much anticipated this gala and each cohort wanted to show brilliance and dominance. 25 cohorts came and participated in the games.

In a do or die affair, Tyrants (Class of 2010-2015) lived up to their mantra “We can’t come and die”. Emerging victors at the Sports Gala is no mean feat and in the build up to the games, the boys had been training because as a team, we appreciate the fact that being crowned victors is not something we take for granted, it is actually a great honor and we always look up to the challenge.

The boys won Gold in Rugby and Basketball and emerged Runners Up in Football and scrabble and also participated in the other games amassing enough points that enabled the team emerge overall winners of the Sports Gala.

We extend a hand of appreciation to the NACOBA team for having put together a massive event, our brothers – the Old Boys from the other cohorts for having made the event colorful, and finally our own cohort mates for the spirit of camaraderie.

Till next time, we are the Tyrants and we shall come back bigger and stronger.

“Tyrants y’amanyi”

Rugby Champion 2003-2008

The gala is all about having fun, reconnecting with old classmates as well being competitive on the day with passion. Our experience particularly in rugby was that we were able to reconnect with some of best rugby players that graced the school’s league as well as the national team with high levels of passion for the game as well as able to discuss more about improving the sport back at college. Overall the gala keeps on growing with continued mobilization and it was well organized.

Table tennis Champion Mr. Robert Jjagwe Top Layer 1994-99

I was very delighted to see my old Table Tennis buddies at the NACOBA Gala. e.g. Ssempebwa Jude, Willis, Kalule and Balikowa. We had some very good games that day. Glad to see that these people still have the sport deeply rooted in their hearts. If we can have a good place where they frequent and it can accommodate a table, I will gladly put a table there so that they have more regular access to practice the Sport then we can have a more levelled ground when we next meet. The only reason I defeated them was their lack of regular practice but their skill is still in tact. I would love to play them again when their form is back like in the old days at the Namilyango Pyramid.

Overall champions Tyrants severing their victory