NACOBA SACCO Continues it's Impressive Growth

In 2015, our growth from 5M that had taken us 2 years to collect rose to UGX 110 Million collected between 2014 and 2015. Todate, our momentum has continued and we have grown to over 400 Million Shillings in savings and deposits in the last one year alone and our long-term objective of growth into a bank – NACOBANK, seems ever closer. We aim to double this amount by September next year, with each member saving at least 2Million shillings in pursuit of the same vision.

We thank the NACOBA SACCO executive for a great job done and encourage all members of NACOBA who appreciate the power of numbers and joint investments to pull together and join the SACCO today. By the end of March 2017, members will have visibility of all your SACCO details on the phone, apply for loans and carry out financial transactions off the same. You will essentially have the NACOBA Bank functionality on your phone.


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