Last year, we celebrated an old boy Natif Anthony who offered a 5 year bursary for 3 good performing students who were coming from under privileged backgrounds. This year, the old boys led by President Emeritus Mathias Nalyanya mobilised old boys to set up a bursary fund for other less privileged, well behaved and brilliant boys at the college.

The old boys agreed to mobilise 5 million shillings per term to this cause and I would like to applaud all those who have responded positively to the cause. To date, we have raised 13,391,788 Uganda Shillings. I would also like in a special way to thank the cohort of 1994-1999 that committed to raising 2 Million Uganda shillings per term towards the same cause. Thank you all for practically living out our old age mantra of, “In Namilyango We Share”.