Welcome to NACOBA

The primary obligation of NACOBA as per article 4 of the NACOBA constitution is mobilisation and unity
of the old boys, and I am glad to report that our paid membership as of this AGM stands at 285, up from 206 members same time last year which represents a 38% increase. This number is still short of our 500
membership target for this year (2016), but I none the less appreciate your increased involvement and trust that we shall have more new members.

Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Association are:

To unite all Old Boys and instil into them a sense of brotherhood, pride of and belonging to the College;
To establish and maintain a link as well as a mutual understanding between the Government of Uganda, the Foundation Body, the Board of Governors, the Parents Teachers Association, the Administration and students of the College;
To enhance the objectives of the Foundation Body of the College with regard to education;
To encourage Members to observe high ethical and professional standards in their respective professions and occupations as well as encouraging them to carry out their work diligently and efficiently;
To enable Members to give all possible assistance to one another in spiritual as well as in temporal matters;
To investigate, consider and find solutions to the needs and requirements of the College;
To be represented on the Board of Governors and Parents Teachers Association;
To cultivate a sense of leadership in society;
To create and maintain an endowment fund to give financial assistance to the Members, their widows, widowers and orphans;
To acquire, hold and dispose off movable and immovable property;
To co-operate and enter into agreements with other associations with similar objectives to facilitate the attainment of the Association's objectives;
To incorporate companies and form or participate in the formation of other associations and organisations the incorporation or formation of which is considered likely, directly or indirectly, to further the objects of the Association and the interests of the Members;
To carry out any activity which, in the opinion of the Members, will directly or indirectly promote the Association's objectives.


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