1. Introduction

I am honored to present to you this report as is required by Article 12.2 of our Constitution which mandates the President to present a report on the activities of the association.  This is our inaugural report as the new Executive Committee that you elected at our last AGM.

As per our tradition, we continue to hold our ordinary AGM every first Sunday of November.

Having endorsed a Strategic Plan for NACOBA last year, this report is in line with the strategic objectives of the plan namely:

  • Expanding NACOBA’s membership
  • Promotion of NACOBA’s and the College’s image
  • Improving the learning environment and academic performance of the College

I warmly welcome you all to our Annual General Meeting 2018. I thank all those Old boys who have continued to contribute towards our various projects. To all those Old Boys who have continued to register remarkable achievements in your personal and professional domains, I congratulate you.  To the Old Boys and your loved ones who are infirm, we continue to pray that the Almighty touches you with his healing power.   To all those who have lost loved ones, we commiserate with you upon your loss. During the last year, the cruel hand of death robbed us of a number of fellow Old Boys including Eng. Robert Wabbi, Drake Mugabi, Kagezi, Chwa, Henry Kanywamusayi who was brutally murdered with his 20-year-old son   and some others.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.



  1. Membership

Whereas membership to NACOBA is open to all Old Boys of the College, our Constitution requires that a membership fee is paid prior to formalizing. In addition, every member is expected to pay an annual subscription fee of Shs. 30,000/= only. These are the funds we primarily use to run affairs of the association.  As of 30th September, we had only 290 fully subscribed members. Regrettably, this is a drop from 2017 when we had 360 subscribed members.

I urge you all to support our mobilization drive to have more.  From our analysis, we need to reach out more older OBs through a variety of methods. We also need to utilize innovative strategies in the recruitment of new members.

  1. Bursary fund:

Our bursary fund has continued to support well performing but financially less able students. Our target is to raise at least 7 million per term. We are currently supporting 10 boys every year. While this year we have so far contributed shs 14m out of the expected 21m towards this noble cause.

I would like to express our gratitude to the old boys who have continued to support our less fortunate sons in the College. I have however, noted that it is more or less the same people who contribute every term!

In a special way, I applaud the 1994 – 1999 cohort that have been contributing 3,000,000/= per term towards this cause.

I also applaud other OBs who have continued to pay school fees for some boys at the College and for offspring of deceased OBs.

May God bless you abundantly.

  1. Compassionate Admission:

We have continued to benefit from the College’s compassionate admission policy for sons of old boys. To refresh our memories, this policy refers to selective admission of our sons under the following conditions:

  • Biological sons of old boys who are active in NACOBA affairs.
  • Should have put Namilyango as 1st
  • Should have scored not more than 3 points over and above the cutoff point.
  • Should have a recommendation letter from the NACOBA President.

This year, I gave recommendations to 20 boys for admission to S.1, many of whom were admitted. I however noted there is always a lot of pressure exerted on my office by Old Boys with sons and protégés who do not strictly fall in the above category.

I advise that those that do not fall within the above category should independently reach out to the headmaster instead of NACOBA exerting undue pressure.

  1. Sports Gala

This year, we organized our 9th consecutive sports Gala. Arguably, it has been the biggest of all, building on the solid legacy of inter-cohort competition. The event is increasingly becoming a NACOBA family event where OBs come with their families to experience our unique camaraderie.

I am grateful to the cohort captains that championed the mobilization of OBs within their cohort. The exco took the extra ordinary step of requesting teams to pay registration fees upfront. 21 teams paid shs 400,000/= each which went into funding logistical requirements of the event. We applaud the cohorts that contributed towards the gala.  Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the sports gala. We need to make it a great celebration of friendship and sportsmanship.

  1. Leadership Development

During our last AGM and the Namilyango day this year, there was a lot of concern raised on issues to do with nurturing leadership skills amongst the boys in accordance with the College’s rich heritage and tradition which is based on education for responsibility. We have had a series of discussions with other stakeholders – PTA and the Board on how to inculcate leadership skills in the boys. I invite you to submit suggestions on how to enhance this process with respect to inter alia, the following issues:

  • Appreciating the foundation and tradition of the College
  • Supporting the college administration in mentoring the boys
  • Increased parental involvement

Adolescence being an important time for leadership growth, we need to support the College in inculcating leadership skills in the boys in order to reinforce their self-esteem and adequately prepare them for flourishing and responsible adult lives.

NACOBA therefore needs to play a part in the leadership development of the young men in our Alma Mater. During the coming year, we shall work with the College Administration, towards developing leadership programs that will contribute towards ensuring leadership growth amongst our brilliant young men.

  1. Career Development

It has been our practice over the past 5 years to give career guidance talks to the boys, during the week culminating into Namilyango day. This year, I am glad to report OBs came and gave these talks to the boys. 

From our observation, we have noted with concern that: -

  • Career guidance is a process that goes beyond a one day talk.
  • In some of the groups, the boys appeared extremely disinterested.
  • The college lacks a career guidance policy.

In order to have a better structured career guidance plan, we have raised these matters with the Board which has in its wisdom resolved to develop a career guidance policy. I hope that this policy will promote a framework for developing and implementing a structured career guidance strategy that will guide the boys to sharpen their career paths.

On this note I would like to register my appreciation to all those OBs who continue to volunteer their valuable time to provide these career guidance talks. In a special way I would like to thank an OB, Mr. Kimera who has volunteered to draft the policy gratis.

  1. NACOBA Awards

In accordance with decision to hold NACOBA Award every year two years, we held an awards ceremony this year during which various OBs were recognized for their distinguished and dedicated service to the College and the nation.  

I once again congratulate all these OBs who received awards. I also thank the Awards committee for their extra-ordinary dedication in managing the Awards processes. Many Old Boys helped us in getting adverts from various companies for which we are very grateful.

Needless to say, there are a number of concerns expressed regarding the award categories, selection criteria and frequency of awards. As your exco, we are of the considered opinion that we maintain the frequency of the awards and the selection criteria. We however decided that, in recognition of the immense contribution that the younger generation of OBs is making towards and continues to make towards the growth of NACOBA, Young Achievers Award be added to the categories. This award will enable younger deserving OBs to also get awards since they usually get crowded out by the older experienced OBs in the current categories.

  1. Alumni Associations

We have continued to engage with sister Alumni Associations towards building a strong coalition of alumni associations to address issues of common interest.

The coalition so far includes SMACKOBA, Gayaza Old Girls, Namagunga Old Girls and Old Budonians. We believe the coalition will attract additional members in line with the set admission criteria and that together we can be a formidable force for change in the promotion of the common good in the education sector.

Discussion are ongoing on the kind of instrument that will bind us together. The NACOBA Executive Committee, having discussed this matter, is inclined towards entering a Memorandum of Understanding that would define the terms of engagement with our sister associations in pursuit of common objectives.  

  1. Monthly get togethers

Our monthly get togethers have continued to be opportunities of fellowshipping and networking amongst the NACOBA fraternity while we discuss topical areas of interest. With attendance averaging 85-90 members, we have discussed a range of strategic topics including Agriculture modernization, leadership, SACCO benefits etc.

I would like to sincerely thank OBs who have committed to mobilize along their various houses to host the fraternity on a monthly basis.  The numbers and the quality of engagements have continued to improve.

  1. New Gate

We continued in earnest, the fundraising drive for the new College Gate which is going to be set up alongside the tarmacking of the major roads in the College. So far we have cash and pledges totaling UGX 18,240,000m against our target of UGX 160m.  While we sincerely thank you for your pledges, we  urge you to generously contribute more towards giving our major entrance a much-needed facelift that will capture our students, parents and visitors memories in perpetuity.


Fellow members, we established a SACCO in October 2013 with two critical objectives: 1) to mobilize resources from members as a means of building and accumulate long term assets and wealth and 2) to provide cheap credit to members in a convenient and timely manner to finance the growth of their private enterprises or address their immediate financial challenges.

I am pleased to note that ever since the SACCO began serious operations in November 2014 it has progressively achieved the above objectives and further undertook investment opportunities which provide a good flow of income to the SACCO. Total membership has grown from 54 in 2014 to 278 to date. These members have saved a total of UGX 770,862,244 up from UGX 19,247,950 in 2014 with the highest saver depositing a total of UGX 70,000,000 in savings.  Through prudent investment activities, these savings have resulted into total income of UGX 406,201,280 and a net profit of UGX 270,190,284 which is 66% of total income. This investment has created a total asset base of UGX 940,000,000 and this year members were provided with a cash dividend totaling to UGX 60,000,000 on their savings. These achievements are commendable and highly appreciated. I am optimistic that these assets will exceed a billion shillings next year as we journey to become a commercial bank.

Through these noble earnings the SACCO has continuously supported NACOBA activities with an annual contribution to the NACOBA budget, the amount has grown from UGX 2,000,000 in 2015 to UGX 5,000,000 to date. On behalf of the Executive and on my own behalf I would like to thank the SACCO executive for this noble gesture. I am sure that with more income earned, the SACCO can finance up to 25% of our budget.

Furthermore, through prudent use of these savings, a total of 217 loans with a total gross amount of UGX 1.68 billion have been issued to members. During the last monthly NACOBA gathering at Shell Club, we witnessed testimonies from four members who had grown their businesses having accessed loans from the SACCO. Two loan products are currently being provided by the SACCO, that is, trade loans of up to UGX 50,000,000 and a school fees loan of a maximum amount of UGX 5,000,000.  I am also happy to note that the interest rates have been reduced from 5% per month in 2014 to a maximum of 4% per month to date.  These rates are further reduced based on the amounts borrowed.

In addition, aside from mobilizing savings and offering credit to members, the SACCO has further gone ahead to provide inpatient and outpatient medical insurance cover for its members and their dependents to offer protection against high medical expenses. A total of 60 members and their dependents have contributed to this service. I urge all members, including non-SACCO members who do not have medical insurance cover to subscribe to this service at an annual cost of UGX 560,000 per member.

The SACCO is currently working with our sister company NACOBA Consultants to develop a five-year strategic plan that will clarify direction and outline measurable goals that will help the incoming SACCO administration prioritize SACCO resources, strengthen operations and ensure compliance with the new laws that govern SACCO operations. I am certain that new products and services will be developed through this process for the benefits of members.

To all NACOBA members, the SACCO is one of our main achievements and I would therefore advise all of you join the SACCO without hesitation. With a focus of growing into a commercial bank, we envision a financial institution that will not only create employment for members and their relatives, but also drive economic growth through financing of members’ business opportunities as well as provide seed capital to other NACOBA entities. The entry fee is a one-off payment of UGX 110,000 and thereafter members pay refundable savings of UGX 50,000 per month. These funds can be paid monthly or as a lumpsum amount of UGX 600,000 per year.

Please contact the SACCO administrator, Victor, on +256706925174 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To the SACCO members please be loyal to your membership by promptly paying your subscriptions and repaying your loan obligations on schedule to facilitate the planned investments that will grow member’s funds. To the guarantors please be vigilant that members you have guaranteed settle their loans to avoid charging your savings to settle loans under default but which you guaranteed.

I therefore take this opportunity to thank the SACCO leadership and its administrator who have served with dedication and commitment and ably steered the SACCO for the last four years through prudent and effective use of members funds to create and accumulate collective and individual wealth. I have always been impressed by their depth of knowledge and understanding of the SACCO operations, be it at annual meetings when they are replying to members' questions or in other fora, particularly on the NACOBA SACCO WhatsApp group. To the new leadership which takes office next year, I thank you for accepting the responsibility to further the foundation laid by the outgoing Executive. I therefore call upon you to build an admirable SACCO that can mobilize and sensitize its members to save regularly, borrow wisely and pay promptly to achieve the vision of NACOBA SACCO in particular and NACOBA in general.

  1. Constitution

Last year, there were a number of suggested constitutional amendments that were generated. In accordance with Article 36 of the Constitution, these amendments are supposed to be brought to your attention formally. Given the duration of the necessary discussion and consensus building process, it has not been possible to have the proposed amendment process as part of this AGM. We propose to hold an extra-ordinary AGM next year for the sole purpose of considering these amendments, which will be circulated to you through our various communication platforms.

  1. NACOBA Financing

NACOBA revenue have grown consistently over the years.

Our funding is characterized by: -

  • Over reliance on income from nominal subscription fees.
  • Regular donations from a few OBs towards particular causes like Bursary fund and other NACOBA Project.
  • Lately, annual contributions from the SACCO.
  • Frequent and sometimes irritating requests to members to contribute towards NACOBA projects and activities.

Having grown the NACOBA brand to what it is today, and in view of our lofty expectations to continue being a force for good in the Trinitarian (Board, PTA and NACOBA) spirit of the College, I fear that unless we explore innovative ways of resource mobilization, our financial needs will soon outstrip our income.

Accordingly, we propose the following measures: -

  • Finding sponsors for NACOBA activities.
  • Setting up a Namilyango Endowment fund to which OBs can contribute modalities of the management of the fund will be discussed with other stakeholders.
  1. NACOBA Consultancy

This year in October 2018, NACOBA Consultants Limited (NCL) made 3 years since it was formerly incorporated as a limited liability company. The core mission of NACOBA Consultants is to provide quality consultancy services to the public through leveraging the diverse qualifications, expertise, skills and work experience of the Namilyango College Alumni.

 To-date, NCL has 49 registered shareholders that own amongst them a total of 589 shares out of the 2,000 maximum total number of shares available. The shareholders to-date have raised a total capital of UGX 29,450,000 on which the company has been operating since its inception.

The Company has since its launch undertaken 4 consultancy services for Namilyango College. These include: (i) Design review and construction supervision of three waterborne toilet blocks-36 stances in total; (ii) Design and cost estimation of a tarmac access road and main gate; (iii) Investigation and restoration of water supply from a motorized borehole and (iv) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the construction of the School Main Gate and Tarmacking of Internal Access Road. The total turn-over of all our work is UGX 39,907,524.

NCL is also expected to undertake the management and supervision for the construction of the gate and road projects whose estimated total construction cost is UGX 900Million. The Environmental Impact Assessment for the projects has been finalized and a report has been submitted to NEMA. In addition, the procurement of works contractors is underway. The target for substantial completion of both projects is March 2019 during the Namilyango Day Celebrations.

In February 2018, NACOBA Consultants initiated a 5-year business plan to facilitate its growth and existence in the consultancy market. One of its strategies is to offer its services (i.e. Engineering, Finance, IT, Agriculture, Education, etc.) to its closest associates such as the Namilyango College Alumni, Namilyango College and the private sector with professionalism, innovation, efficiency at relatively competitive rates; the more reason we should be your choice. I therefore invite you all to consider NCL your Consultant of choice for a myriad of assignments.

The Company has also recruited an Administrative Assistant who will be the Company’s Focal contact person. Arrangements are also underway to find a permanent office for NCL. We are confident that over the coming months and years, the challenges we face today will be overcome if we remain focused, committed and draw lessons from our shortcomings and successes.

For more information please visit: www.nacobaconsultants.ug/ or contact the Administrative assistant (0777137882/0705646183; semagandamartin@gmail.com) and Ag. Operations Director (0772627558/0704627558; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

  1. Conclusion and Appreciation

As we conclude our first year in office, I would like to thank all those OBs who have supported us in whatever we have done in advancement of our strategic objectives. Where we have fallen short of your expectations, we promise to make improvements with your constructive criticism.

We would like to thank the School administration and Board of Governors for sustaining a policy environment that has enabled NACOBA to continue our engagement as a key stakeholder in the affairs of the College.

Partners and sponsors of NACOBA, we thank you for your continued support whenever you are called upon.

We look forward to the next year and continue to count on your support.

Thank you and may God bless.


Ronald Kamara



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