Last year, 2016, I informed you of the registration of NACOBA Consultants Ltd, under Reg. No. 210825 with a total share Capital is 200M Uganda Shillings in which you could buy yourself a minimum of 5 shares and a maximum of 200 shares at 50,000 Uganda Shillings Only.

Last year, we celebrated an old boy Natif Anthony who offered a 5 year bursary for 3 good performing students who were coming from under privileged backgrounds. This year, the old boys led by President Emeritus Mathias Nalyanya mobilised old boys to set up a bursary fund for other less privileged, well behaved and brilliant boys at the college.

At this AGM last year, I apologised for our failure to complete and deliver the 5 year strategic plan and promised to have it delivered this year. As you can imagine, such a plan consumes a lot of time and it was difficult pulling it off because of the difficult schedules of the members.

You will recall we agreed to set up Diaspora Chapters at the last AGM, with their leadership appointed by the President. We had a chapter in Rwanda, which had gone silent in the recent past with the return of the leader Dr. Ibra Muhumuza and a new leader will have to be appointed soon.

Fellow old boys, cognizant of the fact that at a macro level, we can achieve greater together, we promised to establish partnerships with other alumni associations of top traditional schools in Uganda and set aside budgets to support this. 

The SACCO continues to be one of our success stories and I was delighted to see it growing in subscribers and value to 767,062,398 Uganda Shillings at the time of this AGM up from 597,395,879 Uganda Shillings as of 31st December 2016.

This annual family activity continues to grow and attract many more old boys and their family members and I thank all of you that continue to turn up and participate in big numbers and our sponsors, especially MUBS, Century Bottling Company and Nile Breweries that have been with us year in, year out.

This year, Namilyango College celebrated 115 years of existence and great service to the nation, and the old boys and other stakeholders gathered at the college on 25th March 2017 to commemorate the founding day. I would like to thank the old boys that turned up.

As has been the tradition in the recent years, the old boys’ fraternity in conjunction with the Uganda Police organised a medical camp as part of our Namilyango community outreach program.

In line with our dedication to help improve the academic performance of the college, we have old boys that continue to give of their time to speak to the students and help in their formation and academic excellence.

For the 5th year in a row, we have maintained our culture of monthly get togethers which have served as a useful platform for networking and birthing of new ideas. In the annex you will find the detailed attendance numbers which average about 80 per month.

I am glad to let you know that we have recently upgraded our website with a downloadable app “NACOBA” available in the Google Play Store, and I would like to thank our old boy and former HP Moses Umah Tete who redesigned the website.