Our Guest of Honor, Your Lordship The Most Reverend Bishop Matthias Ssekamanya, Board Chairman Monsignor Kayondo and your Board, PTA Leadership, Headmaster and your staff, Old Boys, Parents & all stake holders, I am greatly honored to address you today as we celebrate 114 years of existence.

Every week, students gather in this very place and sing the school anthem which is a prayer of protection and blessing upon the students, teachers, buildings and all other stakeholders. Today, we gather to celebrate the favor and goodness of the Lord over the years, and we thank you, your Lordship for accepting to come and lead us through this Eucharistic sacrifice of Mass, and for the pastoral care you provided to Namilyango College over the years that you served as the Bishop of Lugazi Diocese.

To the students, administration and all staff of The College I would like to thank you for a great job done in the 2015 UCE and UACE exams.You did us proud with the excellent results and we clearly see a movement to where we belong as the pioneers of education in this country; the top!
To the continuing students, you have now been handed a time proven button of excellence to run your portion, don’t drop it. The badge you wear comes with great responsibility both at the college and beyond your time on the stage that is Namilyango.

Over the last 14-15 years, we have seen an increased number of old boys under NACOBA sacrifice both their time and money to ensure that the living and learning environment in the college is improved and I commend them for their efforts. Last year, we handed over 32 Million Shillings towards the tilling of the houses and today we unveil plaques with names of those who contributed to this noble cause at each of the houses. I commend the old boys for their love of The College and contribution towards the good results we enjoy. In the same breathe, I thank The College leadership for giving compassionate admission provision to the active old boys whose biological children give the school their 1 choices. This is indeed a great motivator for their continued participation.

Your Lordship, there is an age old mantra at The College that goes like, “In Namilyango We Share”. I am glad to note that this mantra has become core to the underlying values that drive the old boys in and out of The College . I increasingly see old boys pulling resources together to support each other in times of need and respond to the calls to give back to the college. At the risk of upsetting many, I would like to particularly point out the cohort of 1989 – 1995 that has stood tallest in this regard. They boast the highest participation in fundraising activities for the college, fellow old boys, and many other causes. Last year, the old boys responded generously when an emergency call was made to raise 7000USD for an operation and treatment of our former Head Master Dr. Pelegrine Kibuuka. 15 Million Uganda Shillings was raised, with a bulk coming from the 1997– 2002 cohort. Thank you all and may the great Lord graciously reward you.

In an effort to continue improving the education performance, I would like to thank another old boy who has offered a 5 year fully paid bursary to two top performing students per term. Join me in thanking Mr. Anthony Natif a young entrepreneur who attributes his success in life to the bursaries he got during his time at the college. Efforts spear headed by another old boy Salaam Vincent are also underway to raise a reward package for the top performing teachers every year and he has contributed 500,000/= to the cause. We shall engage the school administration to identify who the top beneficiaries will be.

Yesterday, we once again had a big number of old boys turning up to offer career guidance to the students. We also had those in the medical profession partnering with the Uganda Police Medical team to offer free medical checkup and treatment to 299 people from the college neighboring community.

Your Lordship, I am also glad to note that moving together, the old boys have continued to go forward with steady, if not accelerated progress. At last year’s Namilyango Day, I reported that the NACOBA SACCO that we launched right here had raised 35Million Shillings with a long term objective of growing into a bank; today the total collections are about 200Million Uganda Shillings and growing. The SACCO has also launched an insurance scheme in partnership with IHK for its members that for 300,000/= per year, gives them inpatient cover of over 200 million. We welcome all to join in.

In an effort to harness the latent potential within the NACOBA network, we have registered a company called NACOBA Consulting Company Ltd. The company seeks to be a one stop center and first choice for professional expertise and solutions to address business, social and technical needs of our clients within and outside Uganda. We trust that this will be one of our contributions towards improving the quality of service delivery in this country and provide solutions to different challenges in our country.

Ladies and gentlemen, the theme for this year is, “Be Counted for Good Deeds and Hard Work” and to you my NACOBA brothers, you have clearly stood tall over the years for your good deeds and hard work. I ask that over the next 12 to 18 months, together with the PTA, we embark on upgrading the quality of our road from the main gate all the way to the upper gate and I trust that we can do it! The last estimate was 114 Million Uganda shillings, but we have asked technical old boys to scope and cost the job.

Last month, we concluded the national political elections at all levels in the country and I’d like to congratulate all the old boys that participated and emerged triumphant. Please do the Namilyango flag proud! I also congratulate all those that have attained success at different levels and in different fields. We are planning a dinner on Friday 24th June to recognize and honor the outstanding contributors to society from our fraternity. We also remember those of our own that have departed to be with the Lord. One of those fallen heroes that passed away yesterday is Chris Kassami the former Secretary to the Treasury. I pray that the Lord grants them mercy and eternal life.

Finally, I’d like to thank the tireless efforts of the NACOBA Executive team with which I steward this NACOBA. You are an amazing team to work with, and thank you!

God bless you all.

Fred Gyaviira Kyaka
President- NACOBA