NACOBA Monthly get together program 2015

Dear All

As we enter the New Year it is time to look at the above schedule.

Background: In 2013 the mixed classes sleeping arrangement was reintroduced at the College, and so come 2014 to celebrate a victory that NACOBA struggled for, we decided to introduce the hosting of the Get Together according to Houses beginning with Campling House in February and ending with Hanlon House in December.

Results: The following Houses excelled in attendance and service Hanlon House 95 people, McKee House 71 people and Kiwanuka House 32 people.

The following Houses had good performances in attendance and service Campling House 38 people, Mukasa House 27 people, Doyle House 26 people, Kuipers House 35 people, Reesinch House 39 people and Billington House 34 people.

The following House had dismal performance in attendance Biermans House 7 people, they sent 300,000/= for the drinks and 1 Biermaner appeared and hid claiming he was not aware. The good thing is 50,000/= was used for the drinks bill and the balance was used as a contribution for TILING of their House.

The unique performance was Kiwanuka House! for Engineer Joseph Debuni solely financed and arranged everything by himself to salvage his House from disgrace, after all the other concerned members pulled out.

I have now decided that the same schedule for 2015 will stand and hope the performance and attendance improves as by now the people have come to realize the importance and significance of this activity, and here is the schedule.


January               Rest Month


February             Campling House                        Peter Odoki, Moses Ssebugwawo, Franc Emoru


March                 Soccer Gala, Namilyango Day


April                   Mukasa House                           Mark Ejangu, Rogers Ssekagya, Ron Kamara


May                    Doyle House                              Godfrey Akena, Tony Mugenyi, Rashid Nsajja


June                   Biermans                                  Andrew Baguma (Aba), Edward Ssekayiba, Klaus Balyamujura


July                    Kuipers House                          Henry Katongole, Paul Idude, James Walusimbi


August               McKee House                           Kenneth Amagu, Francis Wakabi, Mark Rwomushana


September          Reesinch House                        Dismas Nkunda, Kenneth Rwabajungu, Andrew Lugalambi


October              Billington House                        Andrew Mutono, Michael Kizito, Sydney Asubo


November           Kiwanuka House                        Ronald Ssonko, Stephen Kavuma, Walter Geria


December           Hanlon House                           Arther Kwizera, Ronald Kasozi, Luke Francis Kiwanuka


As the practice has been I will be making Roll Call in the last week of the month to caution the organizers, however those of you with whatsup houses networks you can choose the date announce it and start preparations. I noticed Hanlon and McKee Houses did this and it helped them.


Yours in Service


Deo Lubega KAWULU

Get Together Prefect NACOBA

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